Welcome to our blog!
Welcome to our blog!

Come one come all, on a journey with Nat & I as we dive into our first (together) blog which will focus on design in all different types of mediums, and the things that inspire us to create in our everyday lives. We are so excited to collaborate on this and share our inspirations with you!


Our hope for the blog is that it will be a place for you to take a break from your busy lives and spend some time daydreaming while gaining inspiration, and we hope to be inspired by you as well! We would love for this to become a go-to spot for some of you creative minds who are looking to brainstorm and inspire your next creation.


Some things to look forward to will be our monthly local artist feature from artists here in Minnesota who we’re swooning over, as well as posts that showcase our own design projects. The local artist feature will be a great way to help get them recognized by a larger audience, and to continue to foster a creative environment locally. If you would like to be featured, or know someone who would be great for it, we would love to hear from you! Send us an email at: designing.heyhazel@gmail.com. We’re thrilled to introduce you to hey hazel, and we can’t wait for the inspiration to start flowing!


Until next time,