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My name is Nicholas Diesslin,
I’m a web developer from Minnesota. I like to build, make, and think about things!


Givable Website on computer, tablet, and phone.


Givable is a website for grouped donations. I was tasked with rebuilding the frontend which uses components of Bootstrap. I also was tasked with adjusting existing features in the backend using Pyton, Django, and Flask. Checkout this beautiful creation and the neat web style guide.

Simple Mobile Rewards Programs Website on computer, tablet, and phone.

Tracfone Rewards Programs

I was originally tasked with creating the front end for StraightTalk Rewards, then the client (Tracfone), tasked us with creating four different branded version for them (TotalWireless, Net10, SimpleMobile, and Tracfone Rewards). I used Gulp with SCSS to share styles for different brands and to theme each brand.

The For Project Website on computer, tablet, and phone.

The For Project

The For Project was a very neat project in which a user would link their card to their profile and when the user shopped at merchants in store they could pick a nonprofit in which portions of the merchant fee would be donated to the user's designated nonprofit. This was build with Ruby on Rails , VueJS, Bootstrap, and hosted with Heroku and RDS.

My Mohawk Rewards Website on computer, tablet, and phone.

My Mohawk Rewards

For My Mohawk Rewards I was tasked with creating a front-end framework for a backend team to integrate with three different site brands. To do this I used middleman to build different page components and different pages, I created a SCSS theme framework to easily create new brands. One highlight from this project was creating responsive tables with collapsible columns

Saucey Messages Website on computer, tablet, and phone.

Saucey Messages

Saucey Messages is a fun project I created that I thought of one day. It's a sauce packet message generator where you can create messages on a custom sauce packet and send to people. This project uses purely Vanilla JS, plain CSS and is hosted on Firebase.

PL360 Website on computer, tablet, and phone.


PL360 was a total brand development project, in which it called for a beautiful website that showcased the brands products. The website is completely static and was built using middleman and yaml data to generate each product page. This project utilizes JavaScript, JQuery, HTML5, and SASS.

Type Anatomy Website on computer, tablet, and phone.

Type Anatomy

Type Anatomy is a web project created to help students learn the anatomy of typography. The website is an index of different typography terms. The site also includes a quiz to test your knowledge of typography. This project utilizes JavaScript, HTML5, and SASS.