Nicholas Diesslin, Web Designer

My name is Nicholas Diesslin, I’m a web designer from Minneapolis.
Although I enjoy web design, I also enjoy doing graphic design. Typography is my favorite part of design. Art is a crucial aspect of my life, as it inspires most of my creativity. I like making, playing, and listening to music; my favorite instrument to play is the saxophone. I prefer Marvel over D.C., but Superman is my favorite superhero.


PL360 Preview


PL360 was a total brand development project, in which it called for a beautiful website that showcased the brands products. The website is completely static and was built using middleman and yaml data to generate each product page. This project utilizes JavaScript, JQuery, HTML5, and SASS.

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Type Anatomy Preview

Type Anatomy

Type Anatomy is a web project created to help students learn the anatomy of typography. The website is an index of different typography terms. The site also includes a quiz to test your knowledge of typography. This project utilizes JavaScript, HTML5, and SASS.

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Font Machine Preview

Font Machine

Font Machine is a project I created in WordPress, to help myself and other web designers to have a selection of good typeface pairings. I thought it was very important to use all open source web fonts in this project. When building this web site CSS3 and HTML5 where used.

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Hey Hazel Preview

Hey Hazel

Hey Hazel is a WordPress life-style blog created for two graphic designers. The minimal design and style is accented by the content with modern design posts. This WordPress website was designed and styled using CSS3 and HTML5.

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Portfolio Survival Guide Preview

Portfolio Survival Guide

Portfolio Survival Guide was created by a group of students in a class on E-Learning. The site is to help future students with bulding their portfolio. I was in charge of the mobile wireframing for this project, as well as creating content for the web standards and hosting pages.

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Sequencer JS Preview


Sequencer.JS was created for a motion scripting class. It utilizes processing.js, lowLag.js, dat.gui.js and jquery. The ultimate idea of a sequencer is to sequence through each drum track to play music. This was relatively easy to accomplish by using loops in JavaScript. The buttons are built using proccesing.js and the playback is controlled using dat.gui. This project works best using Google Chrome.

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